Midam Rice Cake House

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Hey everybody! It might be a bad idea if you’re reading this entry in the middle of the night…but anyways, I’m going to be introducing a restaurant to you guys this week!!

You may be familiar with the name of this restaurant because K.Storm has actually held our We Are Dating event here before!

Midam is famous for its rice cakes and extensive desert and drink menu. I was going to show you all a picture of the entrance here but I realized I forgot to take one.

Midam is conveniently located within walking distance from Lougheed station. If you know where Hannam mart is, Midam is to the left of it.



These are the rice cakes.  As I said before, the rice cake is what Midam is famous for (if you haven’t noticed from their restaurants name). It tasted okay.


The GREEN TEA WAFFLE! What the fudge that presentation. Look at how the waffles are lined up and the pile of sliced bananas drizzled with chocolate sauce. So. Good. I don’t really know why it was called green tea though, since  the waffles weren’t even green tea flavoured but whatever because it tasted delicious. This is probably my favourite dessert at Midam by the way.


They even have chocolate fondue! I didn’t order this so I can’t really tell you guys how it tastes. But it looks pretty good.


Their menu also includes meals such as soondubu jjigae (kimchi tofu soup)!


Chocolate parfait!


Vanilla Parfait!



And….Coffee Parfait! (the best one in my opinion)

Just to let you guys know, I didn’t eat all the food that were shown above.
As well as deserts and meals, Midam also has a variety of teas!

If you want to look at their complete menu, they have a website you can check out.

Overall I think Midam is a great place for desserts!

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